Practise What You Teach (PWYT) is an initiative devoted to motivating and promoting the artistic practices of art teachers. PWYT aims to give agency to the dual artist and art educator.


Expectations of art educators are higher than ever. This is a result of the shifting realities of the classroom, often distancing teachers from their passion for art making; most commonly the factor that attracted them to teaching in the first place. As art teachers we should practise what we teach, granting ourselves the opportunity to stay in touch with our own creative interests, to maintain a connection with the contemporary art world and demonstrate to our students that we too are practicing artists.


PWYT addresses this need for re-engagement through exhibitions and public programming. The initiative also exists as an opportunity for professional development and networking, providing a strategic avenue for art teachers to maintain and refine their artistic practice. PWYT ultimately provides educators with attainable and motivating opportunities that engage and foster artistic practice whilst simultaneously benefiting the classroom.

Image courtesy of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. Photos by Andrea Todic